Solar Energy for Home

Solar Power Generation for Home 500 watts 1 kw 2 kw 2.5 kw 4 kw 5 kw

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As of 2018, solar energy production for the house with solar panel on house roofs and apartment roofs has been approved. On 12 May 2019, Monthly Offsetting application was introduced and in the event of an agreement on surplus electricity, sales of electricity were paved.

In this article Solar power generation for homeInformation is available on topics such as, Is Energy Systems Profitable ?, Solar Energy Cost and Return (What is the Gain?), How to Apply?, Solar Panel Prices.


Solar Power Generation for Home

Solar energy for the home Rooftop solar energy system aim is to sell electricity to electricity distribution institutions in order to reduce the dependence on foreign energy in excess production, to ensure the production of electrical energy for the houses' own electricity needs.

You can now install a solar power generation system with a solar panel on the roof for the electricity needs of your home. Moreover, after the agreement with electricity distribution institutions, you can sell surplus electricity to the network.


Solar Energy Systems for Home

Can all the energy needs of a house be provided with Solar Energy Panels? Yes, it is possible to operate all electronic devices you use in your home with the energy produced by solar panels.

You should examine the electricity bill in detail for the solar energy systems you need.

Detailed information on the Electricity Invoice;

  • Daily average energy consumption
  • Average monthly energy consumption
  • Hours of use (such as day use, night use)
  • The price you pay per kW for electricity consumption

After the detailed study above, you can increase your solar energy needs for the home, the intensity of electricity usage in a day or night hours, so you can obtain your total energy needs.

Is Solar Energy Systems Profitable for Home?

The investment in Solar Systems for the home covers its own cost, so the investment depreciation period is about 7.5 years. Economic life in solar panel investments is 25 years. In short, an investment of 25 years increases its cost in 7.5 years.

Factors affecting Solar Energy depreciation period;

  • Energy costs
  • Turkey geographical location (sun-Time)
  • Movements in the foreign exchange market (solar panels, inverters are sold according to the USD rate)
  • Electricity Sales

Grid compatible solar energy does not affect you even if you raise the electricity bills in electricity productions. Because the electricity sales made for offsetting must be the same as the electricity kw amount.

In short, if you buy electricity at 71 cents, your sale is made at 71 cents for the purpose of clearing.

Summary: As a long-term investment, all the electricity needs of a house can be met with solar energy systems, surplus electricity can be sold to electricity institutions.

Imagine buying a house in Istanbul where you invested real estate, you rented your house and you earn rental income. The rental income you get from your home for about 16 years increases the cost of your home.

However, solar energy meets its entire cost in 7.5 years for an 25-year investment in electricity generation systems.



Solar Energy Cost and Return for Home (Earnings)

Since the electricity consumption of each house is different, monthly electricity bills come in different amounts. For this reason, as we mentioned above, you can do the energy analysis yourself with the information on the invoice or you can get the work you want with a company specialized in the field.

We can say the following about more detailed information about electricity consumption.



Your starting point for the Solar Energy Production System should start with your monthly electricity consumption (kW) and the price you pay for this consumption (TL).

In this way, you will be able to decide how many kW solar energy power generation systems to install for your consumption values.

Solar Energy Cost and Monthly Return

The Solar Power Generation System you will install should be suitable for your electricity consumption in your home. In this way, your surplus electricity production may be income for you.

For example: Solar Energy Electricity Generation System Costs suitable for your invoice (You can see the details by clicking on the links.)

If the Electricity Bill is about 200 TL 3 KW Roof Top Solar Energy System It will be enough to install. 3 kW Rooftop Solar Energy Systems of Turkey's geographical position when energy costs are taken into account and the monthly returns 240 TL It will be around (16.07.2019).

3 KW System Cost is around 4,300 USD.

5 KW System Cost is around 7,600 USD.

If the Electricity Invoice Is Around 800 TL 10 KW Rooftop Solar Energy System It will be enough to install. When 10 kW Rooftop Solar Energy Systems of Turkey's geographical location and energy costs are taken into account monthly returns $ 970 It will be around (16.07.2019).


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