How Is Electricity Produced From Solar Energy? 1 kw 5 kw 50 kw 100 kw Solar Panel Prices

The Solar Panel covers subjects such as solar power generation, usage areas, battery powered solar power generation, grid compatible systems, solar power plants, agricultural solar energy irrigation pump operation.

Electricity Production from Solar Energysolar panel In other words, by using solar panel, it is converting the energy contained in photons / energy bags into electrical energy. Solar power generation system is based on the newly fledgling renewable energy sources in Turkey.

Due to the recent electricity hikes, high electricity bills create a big burden on consumers. The rise in electricity costs for both domestic uses and factories and businesses led consumers to seek different solutions.

In this article, we will share all the details about solar energy production. We devoted one day to create our article. Our request is to take 5.5 minutes and read this article by reading our article.

How Is Electricity Produced From Solar Energy?

Electricity Production from Solar EnergyElectricity is produced by transferring the electrical currents generated in the panel cells from each cell to the next cell as the photons in the sunlight fall on the panel surface area.


Efficiency in Solar Panel; % of the radiation falling on the solar panel surface area expresses how much it can be converted into electrical energy.

Monocrystalline Solar Panel Efficiency:

Monocrystalline panels are the most efficient panels. The radiation falling on the panel surface area can be converted into % 24 electrical energy.

Polycrystalline Solar Panel Efficiency:

Polycrystalline panel is less efficient than monocrystalline panel. The radiation falling on the panel surface area can be converted into % 19 electrical energy.

Mistakes Known About Solar Panels

  • The most efficient panel in our country is the Monocrystal Panel.

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Because we need a little more information about solar panel as follows;

Solar Panel operating temperature is between -40 degrees and + 85 degrees. Solar panel efficiency is done according to measurements in +25 degrees laboratory environment. However, in real use, panel operating temperature rises up to +55 degrees.

Since our country is located in the middle generation, the average temperatures in summer are very high. In addition, because the monocrystalline panel cells are black, it absorbs solar heat and the panel operating temperature rises very much. When the panel operating temperature gets too high, the efficiency of the panel decreases.

Monocrystalline panels can say that based on the information above in a hot country like Turkey is not very efficient.

Latest information contrary to the known than the solar panels used in solar power plants installed in Turkey with monocrystalline panels are not established with polycrystalline solar panels. Even the polycrystalline solar panel usage rate in these solar power plants is .

What are the Uses of Solar Energy Production?

Electricity Production from Solar Energy with Solar Panel is used in different fields. Therefore, solar energy usage areas are as follows.

Battery Powered (With Battery) Off Grid Solar Energy Electricity Production
Grid Compatible Rooftop Solar Energy System (On Grid)
Gesa; Solar Energy Electricity Generation Plants (Energy Fields)
Solar Powered Agricultural Irrigation Systems
Solar Powered Signage Lighting Systems
Solar Powered Camera Security Systems
Solar Powered Traffic Warning Signs

Battery Powered (With Battery) Off Grid Solar Energy Electricity Production

Off Grid, ie Battery (Solar Powered) Solar Energy Systems; It consists of Solar Panel, Inverter, Charge Control Unit and Battery (Battery). The operating logic of these systems is as follows.

Solar Panel generates energy, the energy produced is charged to the battery group with the charge control unit. By turning the Stored Energy Inverter into 220 Volts, electrical appliances are enabled to be operated.

What are the Products Used in Off Grid Battery Powered Solar Energy Systems?

Solar panel
Battery (Battery)
Charge Control Unit
Solar Cables and Connectors

Where Off Grid Battery Powered Systems Are Used

Off Grid, namely Battery Generated Electricity Generation Systems, are preferred in places where there is no electricity. Since the energy produced in the battery group is stored, the use of electricity to the power is made through the energy stored in the batteries.

What are the Uses of Off Grid Battery Powered Solar Energy Systems?

Vineyard Houses
Yayla Houses
Mountain Houses
Shepherd Houses
Hunter Huts

Grid Compatible Rooftop Solar Energy System (On Grid)

Network Compatible so On Grid Solar Energy Production in their systemsBattery" used. Therefore, the generated energy / electricity can either be used directly or given to the network in case of an agreement with the electricity distribution institution.

As of 2018, it has been approved to install grid compatible solar energy systems in our country. Now houses, apartment use, workplaces etc. they will be able to use the energy they produce instantly in the roof areas, and they will be able to give the electricity to the electricity distribution institution in case of making excess electricity.

Maximum for homes 10 Kw Rooftop solar power system It can be established. In case of an agreement with the electricity distribution institution For 10 years You can sell surplus electricity to the electricity distribution institution.

Although it is a commercial transaction, you will not be able to pay these taxes since there is VAT and Income tax protection from electricity sales.

Considering electricity consumption and electricity bill (TL), it is possible to install a 3 kw, 5 kw, 7.5 kw and 10 kw system for your home.

There is no 10 kW limit for workplaces and factories. Factories can install as many systems as they want within their legal limits, taking into account electricity consumption and roof areas.

What are the Products Used in Rooftop Solar Energy Systems?

Solar panels
On Grid Inverter
Çiftyönlü Electricity Meter
Tracking System
Solar Cable and Connector

What are the Uses of Rooftop Solar Energy Systems?

Rooftop solar systems Considering the roof areas, it can be installed in the following areas.

Apartment Common Use
Public institutions

Gesa; Solar Energy Electricity Generation Plants (Energy Fields)

Solar Power Plants; These are the energy investments made for the purpose of producing electricity with solar panels installed on the land for commercial purposes and selling the produced electricity.

Turkey, a number of European countries in terms of the sun has the potential to more productive areas. Thus, the depreciation period of solar energy electricity generation investments is shorter in our country.


As you can see on the Sun Potential Map, the most productive areas are geographies colored in Dark Red.

The most productive places in our country in terms of sunshine potential; Konya, Karaman, Burdur, Antalya, Muğla, Van provinces.

Solar Powered Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Solar Powered Irrigation Systems; It is the operation of Agricultural Irrigation pumps with the energy produced by solar panels. Electricity needed by irrigation pumps is produced with solar panels and pumps are operated with solar panels in this way between 08.00 am and 18.00 pm during the day.

Electricity bills, which started to come high after the last hikes, increased the electricity costs in agricultural irrigation incredibly. For this reason, manufacturers started to install solar power generation systems because they are less costly and have an economic life of 25 years..


All pumps up to 150 Hp with 1Hp (Horsepower) pumps are operated with solar irrigation system. Solar Powered Irrigation Pump Submersible Pump Powers are as follows. 0.75 kw (1 Hp), 1.1 kw (1.5 hP,) 1.5 kw (2 Hp) 2.2 kw (3 Hp), 3 kw (4 Hp), 4 kw, 5.5 kw (7.5 Hp), 7.5 kw (10 Hp) , 11 kw, 15 kw (20 Hp), 18 kw (24 Hp), 22.5 Kw (30 Hp), 30 Kw (40 Hp), 37 kw (50 Hp), 45 kw (60 Hp), 55 kw (75 Hp), 75 kw (100 Hp)

Benefits of the Solar Irrigation System

- There is only Setup Cost. There is no extra maintenance cost. It does not consistently generate costs such as diesel cost and electricity bill.
- If you establish a good system with the right products, it has 25 years of economic life.
- Turkey's climate and energy costs, investment costs Considering the 4.5 - raises 5 years. It amortizes the system cost in 5 years.
- You can use it every day between April and September, which are Irrigation Periods. Our systems operate even in cloudy weather.
- Turkey is considering the geographical conditions, you can use Continuous 9 hours per day.
- If you already have a pump, it can be transformed into a solar irrigation system without any further processing / cost.
- We Provide 10 Years Efficiency Guarantee for Solar Panels used in Solar Watering Systems Installation. We also offer a 2-Year Service Warranty for the systems we install.

- Why would you spend more money given the ever-increasing fuel costs and high incoming electricity bills?

What is Solar Energy?


Solar Energy Systems

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