What is Solar Energy? Solar Energy Price

What is Solar Energy?, Solar Solar panel, Electricity production for the home with solar energy panel and sales to the government? Is it profitable to produce and sell electricity from solar panel?

Solar Energy, solar solar panel often hear what are these concepts? What you want to know about solar panel electricity production in this article

Solar energy, solar panel and solar panel that you have been hearing lately often express the same concepts. These concepts refer to electricity production with solar energy, one of the renewable energy sources.


What is Solar Energy? Solar Energy Price

Solar panels have now become part of our lives. Because electrical energy is indispensable for human beings in the age of technology. Whether you are in nature or working in the plaza, you will need electricity constantly.


In this article, there is information about solar energy, that is, solar energy.

Solar Energy Electricity Production

As of 2018, private house roofs, workplace roofs and factory roofs solar panel installation done by solar power generation road was opened. Now, the excess produced energy can be sold to the relevant electricity distribution institution.

According to the May 12, 2019 published in Turkey Renewable Energy Directive is now building rooftop and building clean electricity from renewable sources facades, unlimited energy source that can produce electricity from the sun, if the surplus electricity is possible to buy the electricity company.

What are Solar Energy Power Generation Systems?

Solar Energy Systemwith solar panel solar power generation is the general name of the system. Generally, there are 2 energy generation systems. Off Grid system and On Grid system.

Off Grid Solar System Setup = In off grid solar energy systems, these systems use solar panels, charge control units, gel batteries (100 ah, 150 ah, 200 ah gel battery) and full sinus intelligent inverter where there is no electricity.

The electricity produced by solar panels is stored in battery groups through a sinus intelligent inverter and the stored electricity can be converted to 220 volts. Electricity produced until evening The night uses will be used from the electricity stored in the batteries.

An example of this use is the installation of vineyard houses, solar energy for caravans and summer houses.

Thus, you can meet your electricity needs such as lighting, television and refrigerator, telephone charging in vineyard houses with this system.

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On Grid Solar System Setup = On grid solar energy systems are systems compatible with the grid. solar panelsTen grid inverters are used. Electricity produced by solar panels can be used by converting to 220 volts or 380 volts instantly via on grid inverter.

You can sell surplus energy to the electricity distribution company in case of an agreement. There are no batteries in this system. In this article you will find more information about On Grid systems.

Solar Energy Electricity Generation Systems for Homes

May 2019 published in Turkey Renewable Energy Regulation by no longer building rooftop and facade of clean electricity from renewable sources, unlimited energy source that can produce electricity from the sun, if the surplus electricity is possible to buy the electricity company.

Can the Electricity Requirement of a House be Met by the Solar Energy System?

Yeah. You can meet the electricity required for all electrical products you use in your home with Solar Panels, namely solar systems.

If it is necessary to give cost for the electricity need of an average house, you can be given a price between the appropriate systems based on the amount you pay for your monthly electricity consumption and electricity bill.

Electricity Production on Roof and Energy Sales to Government

Due to the increasing electricity costs, you can now produce electricity with the Solar Panel on the house roofs for the electricity needs of the houses. Of course, for this, you must first make an interview with the electricity distribution institution (Aydem, limak, Gediz, Boğaziçi, etc.) and obtain a Legal Permit (Call Letter).

Solar panels installed on the roof produce electricity during the day, in these systems battery (battery) is not used. The produced electricity is given to the electricity distribution institution by a two-way electricity meter. You will also continue to use electricity from the mains.

At the end of the month, your electricity meter comes to be read. In this case, your electricity production and electricity consumption are determined.

If Your Electricity Consumption is HighFrom Your Electricity Consumption - Your Electricity Generation subtracted, you pay the difference amount.

If Your Electricity Production Is HighFrom Your Electricity Production - Your Electricity Consumption the electricity distribution institution pays to you. You can leave the system in the system to pay the electricity bill, which may come in the next months, as well as the payment transaction.




What is Solar Energy?


Solar Energy Systems

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