Comparative changes of production and consumption compared to the previous day, week, month and year etc. with Remote Monitoring System. information can be obtained. With Remote Monitoring Systems, you can get information such as how much production is being made on your system, how much is the weather, wind speed, and instant reports about the energy produced by the Solar System via computer, tablet and smartphone.
The information obtained enables the change of system performance to be observed. Productivity in the system is maximized by providing early detection of errors that may affect production.
Productivity in the system is maximized by providing early detection of errors that may affect production.

• Financial Return Provided by GES
• Total Energy Generated by GES from Installation
• End of Day and End of Month Reports
• Radiation and Temperature Charts
• Daily, Weekly Power Profiles of GES
• Daily, Monthly, Annual Energy Records of GES
• CO2 Emission Amount Prevented by GES
• Power Profiles of Each Inverter
• Daily, Monthly, Annual Energy Records of Each Inverter
• MPPT Power Profiles of Each Inverter
• DC Voltage Levels of Each MPPT Input
• Alarm Notification
• Production Reports Notification
Comparison of Inverter Performance
• GES Meteorology Sensor Data


All data is at your fingertips quickly, accurately and free of charge. It allows you to read all the data of any inverter or electrical measurement point in your Production Plant as often as you want, in a short time and without errors.

It can automatically transfer information to other systems. It can share consumption and production data with other applications that need this information and transfer it to other systems. For example, it can send data to accounting software.

It helps you make faster and more accurate decisions. It has the ability to quickly create comprehensive, advanced reports that are easy to use. It contributes to the efficiency of your business by helping you make your important decisions more quickly and accurately. It helps your investment plans.

It provides speed, quality and savings in maintenance and repair services. The system removes your transportation and personnel costs with its remote control capability without going to the application area and shortens the time to respond to malfunctions.

What is Solar Energy?


Solar Energy Systems

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