Solar Irrigation Pumps

Solar Water Powered Solar Water Pumps, Solar Pump. solar pump, solar powered pump, Solar Pump Driver, Submersible Solar Pump Systems, solar submersible pump prices, submersible pump prices, Solar Irrigation Pumps. Solar pump is a product that provides irrigation with solar energy. It works under sunlight and acts as a water pump by using electricity obtained from the sun directly for the pump without using batteries.
Do you know about solar irrigation pumps working with solar panel, solar energy production? Due to the increasing diesel cost and high incoming electricity bills, all pumps are working with solar panel, namely solar panel.
With the recent electricity hikes, the use of electricity in agricultural irrigation has become very costly. Instead of consuming electricity for irrigation, which is the biggest expense of producers, producers now solar panel system so solar irrigation system What start to pass.

Therefore, manufacturers less costly is and installation cost only Since they have an Economic Life of 25 Years with, they started to install Solar Watering Systems working with Solar Panel.

Solar Pumps Working With Solar Energy

For your information, solar pumps are now used in agricultural irrigation. If you are currently watering with a pump, we can convert it to a solar irrigation system.

We make our calculations according to your needs. We combine the selection of pumps and solar energy system that suits you.

Due to the increasing fuel costs and high incoming electricity bills, submersible pumps are operated with the energy produced by the solar energy panel in agricultural irrigation. From 1 Hp ie 1 horsepump submersible pumps to 175 hp (175 horsepower) submersible pumps (1 hp, 2 hp, 3 hp, 5 hp, 7.5 hp, 10 hp, 15 hp, 20 hp, 30 hp, 40 hp, 50 hp, 75 hp, 100 hp, 125hp, 150hp, 175hp) Until all submersible pumps are converted to solar irrigation system.

Therefore, considering the geographical conditions of Turkey's pumps morning between 08:15 and 18:00 in the evening is provided to be driven by the energy produced by the solar panels.

Benefits of the Solar Irrigation System

Installation Cost Only has. There is no extra maintenance cost. It does not consistently generate costs such as diesel cost and electricity bill.

With the right products if you install a good system 25 Years Economic Life It has.

- investment costs and energy costs are taken into account when the climate in Turkey 4,5 - 5 years It raises. System cost Amortization in 5 years would.

- Irrigation Periods April - September You can use it every day between months. Our systems in cloudy weather even works.

- Turkey is considering the geographical conditions 9 hours daily without interruption You can use.

- If you already have a pump, it can be transformed into a solar irrigation system without any further processing / cost.

- Used in Solar Watering Systems Installation 10-Year Efficiency Guarantee for Solar Panels Veriyoruz. Also for the systems we install 2 YEARS Service Warranty Sell.

- Why would you spend more money given the ever-increasing fuel costs and high incoming electricity bills?

You will acquire by our company agricultural irrigation packages It contains all the machinery and equipment in irrigation systems.

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